About Us

We are building relationship with both of our Clients and Consultants Since Year 2000. In order to bring them together in highly efficient way.Our Research and Development departments consist of the Software experts from various fields working smart with more Innovative ideas and business logic to bring the best software solution to the IT field. "XecuteSmart" is acting as a perfect catalyst in a fast-moving IT industry. "XecuteSmart" has a mark in the Global IT Market.

Our "XecuteSmart" Mission...

"Outsource Excellent International Quality oriented solutions in time to support our Prestigious Clients WORLD-WIDE to WIN over their business."

Our "XecuteSmart" Vision...

  • Long term accomplishment through Teamwork
  • Long term Integrity with Clients,Consultants and Employees
  • Gift to ascertain the data by h/im-er self
  • Our Expensive Human Resources and Clients Excitement

  • We are taking up Assignment from various Domestic and Global concern, getting it finished as per the customer's expectation and their Excellent International Quality Standards in time.

    "XecuteSmart" is well positioned as a premier provider of e-government and private solutions with a strong technical base in IT Strategic Planning Structured Development and Planning Methodologies Enterprise System, Application and Data Center Planning Data Conversion, Data Migration,Data Standardization,Data Cleansing/Data Scrubbing,Data Validation,Data Quality Outsourcing and Acquisition Planning,Contracting & Negotiations IT Training and Knowledge Transfer Business Documentation, Technical Design Specification Hardware Capacity Planning Project, Contract and Resource Management

    "XecuteSmart" Strategic plan approach:

    Strategy is the lot. While to date new economy has created a strong enslavement on technology, strategy drives your business.Technology merely enables you to acocmplish your desired results. With the strong intercourse between strategy, technology, people, and processes, we understand that business initiatives required total integration.

    Exploiting new technology is a grave factor in your company's future. XecuteSmart will partner with you to grasp the needs of your business and determine how you can make use of technology to your advantage.
    We will then widen an inclusive plan custom-tailored to your business goals.

    1. Abstract level business method.
        Begin planning process
        Diagnose business environment

    2. Comprehensive level business method.
        Develop/Update business direction
        Develop business requirements

    3. Abstract level information services method.
        Document current environment
        Analyze IS industry
        Assess current IS situation

    4. Comprehensive level Information Services method.
        Identity opportunities
        Determine gap from current to future
        Determine IS direction

    "XecuteSmart" e-Business Plan:

    To be triumphant in an e-commerce world, an organization must redefine the basics of their business plan to Maximize customer value. E-Business often changes how a company goes to market, impacts distribution channels and Extends their market reach. By integrating people, processes and technology, "XecuteSmart" will give a hand in becoming an E-enabled enterprise and reinvent how you do business.

                  Obtain support,identify team,identify planning process,plan communications, and announce plans.

                   Trends,current situation,situation analysis,stakeholders,stakeholder processes,industry analysis,value chain, and business analysis.

                3.Build up
                   Value preposition,value delivery proposition, and strategy.

                   Opportunities,competitive situation,priorities.

                   Application architecture impact, technical architecture impact,business process impact,IS process impact,people/organization impact,
                   cost/benefit analysis,roadmap,obtain approval.

                   Look and feel,navigation,screens,applications,and security.

                   Develop,test,train,implement,and promote.

                   Obtain feedback, analyze, and determine action.

    "XecuteSmart" Process Re-engineering:            

    Process improvement will help your organization save money by reducing costs and cycle times of Information System(IS) development or support. "XecuteSmart" will work with you to improve and restructure your company's IS processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.In turn, you will be able to provide your internal and external customers with world class IS support, thus improving overall best quality.           

                1. Getting started
                2. Identify process
                3. Process selection
                4. Current state
                5. Process plan
                6. Future state
                7. Implement process

    "XecuteSmart" IS Evaluation:

                Information Systems(IS) management is the solution in running a cost-effective and efficient business. "XecuteSmart" will measure your current IS environment by reviewing all of the components, including business application architecture, technical communications, organization and processes. We will then work with you in developing a touchable action plan for step up and follow closely.

    "XecuteSmart" Software selection and implementation:

                Selecting new business application software can be a confusing and lengthy process. The choices you make can have a big impact on your bottom line due to many factors including compatibility, efficiency and upgradability. "XecuteSmart" will guide you through this important decision by using our objective and structured methodology to resolve issues quickly and implement products successfully.